Hello to all my gorgeous SEO friends.

Have you ever wonder if you have a tool that predicts the upcoming trends? or what the world is searching for?

So that you’ll be one step ahead of your competitor.

So here is the tool that makes it possible for you to help with developing the Seo strategy and content in advance to target that particular topic.

The tool name is Google Trends

I’m pretty sure if you are here on the Akmdigital, you must know this tool or hear from somewhere.

If any one dont know

What is Google Trends?

As the name suggests Google, Google trends is Google’s free tool. It provides data, graphs, and real-time search trends on recent searches depending on the popularity.

You can easily see the trends of the specific search in google, youtube and images search according to the country or worldwide.

Google trends was first intoduced to the world on 2006, May 11.

Google Trends tells you in-demand keywords that you can use in your SEO Strategy.

You can easily track the keyword data in the past and predicts the keyword future for your content marketing strategy.

In my opinion, this tool is one of the best tools to climb the ranking in search engines and drive qualified traffic or leads.

The best part of the tool is – available of every user, just go and type the keyword. You don’t have to make the time-consuming profile creation like any other app.

With the dozens of benefits in this absolutely free tool. I’m pretty much sure after having an eye on this article you gonna use this google trends for SEO or developing the content strategy.

Lets dive in

1. Know the Upcoming trends

As I mentioned above, using this tool you can predict the seasonal trends of the keyword.

For example, have a look at this keyword in the google trends “GIFT FOR BOYFRIENDS” in the United States.

GIFT FOR BOYFRIENDS in the United States.
GIFT FOR BOYFRIENDS in the United States.

As you see this query is most popular in the US in the month of November and December and in other month peak falls.
This is the month when people start hanging out for the New Year and saying goodbye for this year.
One another reason would be Christmas Holidays begins in these countries and people realize to make the bond story by gifting to there loved ones.

So if you have clients or businesses related to the gift accessory, you can quickly plan your content and estimate the spending on the content.

If you are thinking how you should profitably use this data,
So first a fall starts creating the relevant content.

For example, if you are an owner of the Gift shop or you have an online store. Start publishing the guide in the month of October itself.
Because it might take time for indexing the content in the google search engine to rank.
After all, this is the time when your potential customers are most likely to be searching for such information.

If you already have a guide start optimizing existing relevant pages before the peak. Start the link building process in October, update the dates, add some latest product. This will definitely result in the ranking of your website in the peak period.

2. Keyword Volume Trends

Before starting content creation, keyword research is the first stepping stone for the SEO expert.

You may think keyword research is easily done by many other tools available in the market,
Yes, it’s true it can be.

But when you are using the keyword research tool you may see all the stuff like competition, backlink, and much more stuff.

But you didn’t see the trend, you’ll just see the raw search volume number.

Suppose I search for a digital marketing company that has a search volume of 10k in Ahrefs.

 digital marketing company google trends
Digital Marketing Company

Thanks to google trends, according to the above image we come to know that these 10k searches are going up will probably become 20k, 25k, or even 100k over the next few couple of months.

So this is the exact keyword you should target to grow and become super popular in the right way.

You can also you google trends for choosing the right keyword.

This tool helps you to find which keyword should you avoid while creating content.

For example, let say you are going for creating a post on fidget spinner.

Well, according to google trends this keyword in not getting the searches for a while. This tells you should switch to another topic.

While doing this research, My Pro Tip from you – expand the custom time range to 5 years. Because by default it shows 12-month data.

If you see this 12-month data it is very hard to tell the trends. That’s why use my pro tips also makes you understand the seasonal keywords. If you only look at the last 12 months, seasonal keywords can look like legit, trending terms.

3. How to choose the Right Keyword Using Google Trends

This is my personal favorite method while choosing the right keyword.

Well, this is the best use of google trends which I am using from the past 3 years is Comparing the Search Term.

As an example mention above “GIFT FOR BOYFRIENDS”.

I’ll just tell you how you should choose the Right Keyword Using Google Trends.


Many a time you come across a situation like which keyword is best for generating the more revenue from your content.

So here comes a google trends compare feature.

Let’s suppose I’m a Digital Marketing Company and I am doing content optimization for the client who has a Gift Shop in New York.

While doing the keyword research, Suppose I got two keyword that’s generate the good revenu for the clinet to target.


How to choose the Right Keyword Using Google Trends
How to choose the Right Keyword Using Google Trends

As you see in the Image above, we see the keyword GIFT FOR BOYFRIENDS is dominating the term GIFT FOR GIRLFRIEND.

So from here, we conclude that GIFT FOR BOYFRIENDS is more capable of generating more revenue than others. So you can mainly focus on what to do while developing the content from the content writer.

This GT COMPARING Strategy is very useful for many of you who understand this concept.

4. Get Advance Search Options

After the Pro Tips and GT COMPARING Strategy, how would it if you can target the specific location, Content targeting, etc, for getting more targeted traffic to your website or blog.

This option is also available in my all-time favourite tool i.e google trends.
You’ll notice four options — many of which even frequent Google Trend users don’t always use or I can say they don’t know.

  1. Country
  2. Custom Time Range(Default 12 month)
  3. Categories
  4. Web search (Default)
    • Image Search
    • News Search
    • Google Shopping
    • YouTube Search

If you start digging all this option for the queries, there is a good chance that you can hop on new trends before it becomes a trend.

Suppose if you catch the keyword I am pretty sure you’ll secure a top ranking for the trendy term.

If you are a local business then the location feature is very useful for you.

While doing keyword research in google trends for the PPC, Google trends are a very essential tool for every PPC Ads campaign.
This gives a clear picture of exactly which region as the search volume. So that you can target the right location.

Location-specific content information can also be used to enhance your content so that it is relevant to most people. Location trends can affect your local SEO efforts.

Use the custom time rang option to get the better notch on the topic. You can also see the categories option so that you can bifurcate according to the categories.

Another best feature that I like the most is you can search according to our choice like for web, images, news, Google shopping, youtube search.

Every search engine marketer is using web data.
But they don’t look at the images search and youtube search.

While performing content research you should put your eye on all this term mention above for fruitful results of your hard work on the website.

This Advanced Search Option makes a drastic change in my SEO Strategy through google trends.

Now jump back to the topic SEO Strategy For Rising (Breakout) Topic

a. Related Topics

Let’s uncover the secret of how to find the content idea for your blog or a website.
When you enter a search term or topic in the google trends, scroll down to the table called “Related Topic

This shows you the specific searches, people are searching for.
This gives you a broad topic idea for your blog or website.

For example lets look at the “Related topics” results for hosting.

So these are all topics that Google considers closely related to the term you just typed in.
You can create the content that covers all this topic in your blog, website, or youtube video.

Of course, you still need to drill down the content for each of these topics to find specific keywords.
These topics help you find related topics that are hard to come up with on your own.

b. Related Queries

Google trends have a table next to “Related topics” called “Related queries”.
Related queries are my personal favorite feature in google trends for building my SEO strategy.

As the name suggests Related queries…
It is a related query… the one that you typed in the search box.

In many of you, question bubbles start rising that we can also see the related term in the normal google search or in any other SEO tool.

So what makes the google trends more powerful?

The thing that makes the google trends powerful then others is that it bubbles up a new trending keyword.

Scroll down to the “Related queries” table

This is the related queries that google consider they are closely related to what user also want to see.

This keyword are really powerful search term. They’re trending keywords.

You can also judge the keyword by its exact % search volume increase for the related searches on the list.

Related queries in Google Trends
Related queries in Google Trends

In the above image, you can see the word Breakout.

What does that term Breakout mean in google trends?

According to the google, “Breakout” means that the term is grown by more than 5000%.

So for any search keyword that’s growing more than 5000%, Google marks it as “breakout” instead of noting the exact percentage.

From my past experience working on this “Breakout Keyword” are some of the best tactics every SEO expert should know.

Many a time this term aren’t competitive yet! and the best part is not everyone know this trend.

So, when you work on this keyword and when it goes mainstream and you’ll start getting the tons of organic traffic.

The downside of this approach is that some of these breakout keywords are fads. They’ll grow for a few months… and completely die off.

You can take advantage of this and rank higher when the trends are at its boom and make the tougher for competitors to come in and outrank your website.

Pro Tips :

Always check the Rising and Top option

Top – The most popular search queries. Scoring is on a relative scale where a value of 100 is the most commonly searched query, 50 is a query searched half as often as the most popular query, and so on.

Rising – Queries with the biggest increase in search frequency since the last time period. Results marked “Breakout” had a tremendous increase, probably because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.

5. Make your Content/Social Calendar

As the above mention images of Boyfriend.
If we look at the term over the past 5 year period, we come to know that the peak occurs roughly the same time each year; the ending of november and the beginning of december.

If you are thinking how its benefit you?
Suppose if you have a website about gift idea, you should probably make a not of this in your contnet calendar or social calendar.

Once you created content then update it with fresh information when trends started rising.
Many big websites are using these tricks of Making the content/social Calendar


After taken all thing under consideration google trends is an incredibly useful tool for every blogger, SEO expert, and Digital Marketer.

In my opinion, there is no other tool that gives you this freshest data out on right now trend.
Put some time creativity with google trends and I’m pretty sure you’ll yield some incredible SEO and content marketing strategy

Google trends drastically improve your SEO strategy and content development approach.

Guys let me know from now onward are you going to use the google trends or not?

Which strategy are you going to use on your website?

Visit Google Trends and explore now.

Thank yiu