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I am dam sure if you landed here you’re a blogger and I am assuring you after having an eye on my Free Best Blogging Tools checklist, which contains all the tools that are listed you goona use on a daily basis in your blogging journey.

Free Blogging Tools for Beginners Blogger

Many beginner bloggers when they start their blog website, I think they or I can say when I’m started my career.

After buying my Domain and Hosting, my pocket become empty.

When I’m started developing the content in initial days I’m getting many difficulties which were later solved by these tools.

I don’t have single penny in my pocket to invest in some other paid blogging tool.

So the reason why you amazing people are here, I started searching here and there for the free blogging tools.

There are tons of tools available in the market to help the blogger community but most of them are paid.

Don’t worry guys I have a list of free blogging tools that you can use in your blogging journey.
I’ve done the work for you to find the best blogging free resource that won’t cost you a single penny.

So here is my best blogging free tool that I use in my blogging journey and the thing that I wanna tell you is… you should use this tool today itself if you aren’t using it.

So take the advantage and lets dive in

The first master blaster tool that I personally use is SEO Minion.

Best Blogging Tools SEO Minion
The first master blaster tool that I personally use is SEO Minion.

1. SEO Minion

As a beginner blogger initially we don’t have anything to invest in paid keyword research tools like AHREF and SEMRUSH.

SEO Minion is here to help you to do your basic SEO work like competitor website analysis and On-page SEO audit.

Why SEO Minion is great for beginner bloggers?
There are many ways that you can use this tool for

  1. This will tell you the count of Page Titles and Meta Description
  2. Displays all heading of your competitor website.
  3. It will highlight all the links on a page ( Internal and external)
  4. This will also check for Pages Broken links.
  5. SERP Preview Option- how will it looks like in google search results.

I’ve enjoyed using this tool and the best part is this tool is making updates based on user feedback.


After analyzing the Competitor website it keyword, links, pages, etc.
Now its time for brainstorming on keyword research.
The best tool that I use to analyzing the keyword competition and its search volume is KEYWORD SURFER.

Why KEYWORD SURFER is great for beginner bloggers?

  • It will tell you approx. Search volume for your primary keyword
  • In the right, you’ll see a list of related keywords, with their volumes and similarity score.
  • Clipboard to quickly access keywords you found useful and export the keyword in CSV format easily.
  • KEYWORD SURFER will show the estimated traffic of each ranking domain in the search engines.
  • When you type the keyword in the search engine you’ll see the Word count for ranking pages.
  • Number of exact keywords used on top-ranking pages
  • It will show you the cost per click (CPC) for your searched keyword.

It is necessary to target the user intent keyword for your blog.

Click to Unlock keyword data hidden by Google


3. Answer the Public

Answer the Public is the best tool for the keyword idea based on what real people are searching for in that location.

It works the same as of google auto suggest but it is way better than that it gives 100 times better insights.

Why Answer The Public is great for beginner bloggers?

  1. It will help you to target your keyword research.
  2. You can easily optimize your content with long-tail keyword ideas
  3. Answer The Public let you know your audience unique insight
  4. Questions – what, where, why, which, how.
  5. Prepositions – with, to, for, like.
  6. Comparisons – like, and, or, vs.
  7. Alphabetical – a, b, c, etc.
  8. You can download the complete keyword in the CSV file.

With this tool, you can get a ton of LSI keywords that you can easily sprinkle throughout your content.

From my past experience, AnswerthePublic is also a great tool for generating content ideas.

Check it now AnswerthePublic.

4. Google Trends

Have you ever wonder after doing all the research if you can predict the future trends of your selected keyword.

So that you are one step ahead of your competitor.

predict the future trends of your selected keyword google trends, Free Blogging Tools

Google Trends is a free tool that is available free for the user.
You can easily see the trends of the specific keyword in google, youtube and images search according to the country or worldwide.

To know the upcoming trends use google trends and one major benefit of this tool is you can use this for building your SEO strategy.

5. Title Generators

A. Portent Title Maker
This website is best for generating an attractive eye-catching title for your website.
Refresh it for new ideas.

Many other Contnet/Title ideas generatos are:


This will also generate content ideas for your blog title.


EMV Tool checks the emotional marketing value of your title.
From this we come to know how’s your title will perform on social media.
The higher the score the better will be your title connect with people.

D. TweakBiz title generator:

An outstanding title can generate more traffic and increase the CTR of the website.

6. Grammarly

When you start creating the content on Gutenberg WordPress Editor, many of you come across with this problem like spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.
So here comes the Grammarly tool.

Why Grammarly is great for beginner bloggers?

Grammarly is one of the powerful tool for every blogger, digital marketerts.

It is used to correct the spelling and grammer mistakes while writing the content.

Whether you’re writing a article, sending an email, or posting on social media, Grammarly makes it easy to check your writing for errors.

It free extension for Chrome is amazing.

If you want your reader to stick on your website I strongly suggest you should have a Grammarly plugin in your chrome browser.

Install Grammarly extension

7. Canva

Canva is the sanjivani for all the new bloggers.
I think without this tool many blogger coudnt services in this paid tool world.

Canva makes it possible for newbies to achieve their goal of creating amazing infographics for their audience to engage.

The beauty of canvas is the more you use it the easier it will get to make the best infographics.

Why Canva is great for beginner bloggers?

you can easly create a attention grabbing images

Canva has wide collection of readymade templates in various size.

It is collaborative – your teammates can easily edit the images with the URL that you send.

Canva offer free tutorials for its audience.

Its easy to use with many free images.

Best part its cloud-based – the images that you made are saved in your account.

it’s my personal opinion don’t use a readymade template every time. Show some creatively, imagination for crafting your infographics.

Take advantage of this free tool and engage with your audience and decrease your bounce rate.

I’d love to hear your experiences with the canvas tool in the comments below.

Try free for 30 days

Another best website for making an amazing infographics is Crello

Check out Crello and make the stunning Images to attract new visitors from social media.

8. Backlinks Checking

After doing all this competitive research its time for making the backlink for your website to rank higher in the SERP.

I’m using SEMRUSH for my backlink checking. I must say it gives you a complete analysis of the website of your competitor.

I know many of you say its a paid tool but don’t worry here is a special link that will allow you to use it for free for 14 days


Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker is a popular backlink checker tool for every blogger and SEO expert in the USA.

As we know its a paid tool but you can check the backlink for free.

In this free tool, you can check the:-

  1. Anchor text distribution
  2. Dofollow-Nofollow link
  3. Domain ratingAnchor text distribution
  4. New or lost backlinks

Check your website backlink

9. Free Stock Images for Website


we can use the free stock images to decorate your blog and reduce the bounce rate of the website.
This is beneficial for those who have just ventured down the journey of starting a blog.

StockSnap is the major player in the free images download niches. It has many new royalty-free images by professional photographers from all over the world.
StockSnap has every category from fashion to Dog Photos, food nature, etc.
It is very easy to find any images by its search functionality.

All photos on StockSnap have been released under the Creative Commons License – CC0 license. This means you can download, copy, modify, and distribute the images for commercial and personal use. You do not need to ask permission to use these images from the photographers.

Check 23 Amazing Free Stock Photo Sites – Royalty Free Images

10. Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression

We all know images play a very vital role in search engine optimization.
Images Optimization gives you an extra edge toward ranking in search results and it reduces the site loading speed and makes the website load fast.

In the online world, there are tons of best free image optimization tools for image compression.

The tool that I’m using for images compressor is compressimage.toolur.com.
In compressimage.toolur you can easily upload the images and compress it online.
The thing that makes this tool unique from others is that it allows you to resize your images before you optimize.

Compressimage.toolur allows you to select your own optimization level, which lets you control the quality of your optimized image.

Other Best Free Image Optimization Tools for Image Compression are

  1. Tiny PNG
  2. JPEG Optimizer
  3. Optimizilla
  4. Kraken.io
  5. Compressor.io

Can I start blogging for free?

The answer is YES you can start blogging for free but with many restrictions.
The free platform where you can start your free blog is:

  1. Blogger
  2. Wix
  3. WordPress
  4. Tumblr
  5. Joomla

The main disadvantage of of using free platform for blogging is

  • Lesser number of plugins/widgets.
  • Bad permalink structure.
  • ‘Blog archive’ and ‘label’ pages are not SEO friendly.
  • You cannot upload Media files like PDF, word doc, etc.

So I recommend you go with custom domain. It will cost you some what around in USA is 8 to 12$.

How to earn money as a beginner blogger?

There are many ways to earn money from blogging.
But before that, you have to build an audience who trusts you.
My personal favorite way to monetize my blog is through Affiliate Marketing.
Affiliate Marketing is the most common way to make money through blogging.
When I was a beginner in blogging, I’ve used amazon affiliate.

Other ways to monetize and earn money from your blog is

  1. eBooks
  2. Online Courses
  3. Freelance writing
  4. Placing Google Adsense
  5. Coaching and consulting

Blogging is not a overnight success job.


While creating the content this tool that I mentioned above will help you to optimize your time consumption for creating stunning content for your viewer.

Free Blogging Tools lets you one step closer towards the mouth of success.

There are ample of free blogging online tools available in the marketing but these tools mention above are the chirag of the blogging tools.

Let me know in the comment section which free blogging tool you gonna use?
Which free tool do you recommend to use for beginners?

Thank you