Bluehost Review 2021 – A Complete Guide

In this Bluehost review, I am going to guide you about my complete overall experience, Bluehost Hosting Feature, and Customer Support on Bluehost.

As we all know Bluehost is a popular web hosting company. It is best-known for its beginner-friendly services and one-click install on WordPress Hosting. Bluehost caters to everyone: from beginning bloggers to established e-commerce. One thing that I want to tell you is that it’s an all-arounder (Great Web Host) with it’s best uptime, affordability, excellent loading speed and helpful customer support it remains a market leader in the field of hosting.

Around 2 million websites worldwide are powered by this web hosting. By doing a large volume of business they’re able to offer steep price discounts. And the best part that I like the most in Bluehost hosting is that they provide in addition to offering a full range of web hosting services, they also provide Marketing Training, SEO services, Social Media Marketing ( SMM ), Content Creation, Graphic Design Services, Email, Domain Names, and Local Business Listings to grow traffic and sales of the clients.

In my opinion, If you’re a small business owner, a blogger or you are building your very first blog or website, then you should definitely check out Bluehost today.

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In this article, you’ll learn what Bluehost offers and how to determine if they are a good fit for you.

Before moving further the discussion on “Bluehost Review – A Complete Guide” let’s take a quick overview –


In 2003, Bluehost was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Utah, and from there on they never see back and grown to become one of the world’s largest hosting providers in the world. In a recent year, they mainly focused on small business for meeting there digital marketing training needs. Bluehost has built a name for itself with outstanding server performance in the past many years, they have contributed a lot to the WordPress community.

Basic details of Bluehost company

  1. Endurance International Group
    10 Corporate Drive, Suite #300
    Burlington, MA 01803
    888 401 4678
  2. Official website
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Utah in 2003.

General Info & Hosting Overview

OUR VERDICT:Best Overall Shared Hosting
SPEED:405 ms (February 2018 to January 2021 average)
UPTIME:99.99% (February 2018 to January 2021 average)
SUPPORT:24/7 Live Chat
APPS:WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and some website builders
FEATURES:Unmetered bandwidth and storage, email accounts, free domain 1st year
HOSTING PLANS:Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers
PRICING:Starting at $2.75/mo (renews at $7.99/mo)

Bluehost offers a range of products and services to help you get started with your website or online shop: from Shared hosting, WordPress hosting to Website builder tools. They have a special focus on meeting the digital marketing and training needs of small businesses.

These hosting packages come with unmetered bandwidthfree global CDN and SSL certificates, and free daily, weekly and monthly backups on an effectual and proven platform i.e built to scale and optimized for speed and safety of a website. Their cheapest hosting plan is $2.75/mo.

As I am a blogger since 2017 there are many things you should consider before buying a web hosting for your website. I’m definitely sure you are looking for a web hosting service that as:

  • Security to keep site always running
  • Pricing so that it never screws up your budget
  • Support when you face technical issues.
  • Easy to access.

After this brief description on Bluehost

Now you guys are thinking

What makes the Bluehost stand out in the club of hosting providers


Is Bluehost is a reliable hosting for bloggers in 2021?

As a blogger, I’ve heard the name of Bluehost in mid of 2016. Started using this hosting from 2017 onward. I’ve recommended many of my clients to use this, in response I get pleasant thanks from them.

In the current market, there are plenty of hosting service available in today’s world. So what’s the big picture of Bluehost’s offerings?

Bluehost provides almost every web hosting service that you could probably need including excellent hosting like Virtual Private Server ( VPS )Dedicated hosting service, and Managed WordPress HostingManaged WordPress hosting is like the services that are handled by the hosting provider company where all technical aspects of running WordPress is managed.

This service involves security, speed, WordPress Plugin, and theme updates, optimizing performance, daily backups, website uptime, etc. One of the best parts about Managed WordPress hosting is its premium support.

Bluehost is very easy to install with very simple interface. The best thing about Bluehost is that their servers are well optimized for a WordPress blog so you don’t have to worry about any problem, Because of this reasons, they are a Top Recommended Hosting service by WordPress itself.

‘Official’ Recommended Host

‘Official’ Recommended Host
‘Official’ Recommended Host

I have seen many websites that are hosted on Bluehost and handled the 20000 per day traffic without any downtime. if you are worried about the cache that’s obvious because of this huge amount of traffic, so don’t worry because it will automatically cache the files.

I think this will give a better idea about the What makes the Bluehost stand out in the club of hosting providers.

Now let’s move toward the plans, but before that – unlike another website review on Bluehost. I’ll first give a brief idea about the Pros and Cons of Bluehost Hosting. So that you can properly or wisely select your hosting plans for your website.

So the first advantage of choosing the Bluehost over another hosting provider is –

1. It is very Beginner Friendly

As a beginner, it is bet confusing to find the stuff in the hosting. But the user interface of this hosting is really great if you find anything confusing, this term is nicely explained by the technical support member.

If you are a beginner in this field then I will suggest you go with this hosting. Suppose if you’re stuck in some sort of problem, how to update your PHP version or some sort of question in your database.

There’s an extensive collection of the blog, youtube video, and technical support of Bluehost hosting they’ll well solve your problem quickly and also guide you to how to solve this kind of error in the future.

2. Free SSL Certificate

Free SSL Certificate Bluehost-AKMDIGITAL.COM
Free SSL Certificate Bluehost-AKMDIGITAL.COM

As we all know no one likes to visit a site that is not secure. I’m also not trusting the website which is not secure showing a red signal at the top of the website in the search bar.

Now every search engine likes Google, Bing, and  Yandex are taking this issue a very serious matter for their user. This is why they made it compulsory for the website owner.

SSL certified website also ranks higher in spit of Non-SSL certified website in the search ranking.

This hosting offers a free SSL certificate to every new & existing user. This will reduce your cost will stating a new website. For the new website, Bluehost will automatically install & configure the SSL certificate on a website.

Getting your Bluehost SSL Certificate is critical to the security, privacy, and ranking of your site. It protects your sensitive information from hackers and gives you the ability to securely process payments and transfer data on your site. How to get a Free SSL Certificate.

This video will guide you on how to install a free SSL Certificate for your website and get a secure symbol at the top of your website.

3. Free Site Builders

I have a question for you?

Do you know how to make a website using HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, or any other programming languages?

Well I’m  pretty much sure that many of your answers is “NO

Here comes Site Builders. Website builders are tools created for non-technical users who want to build a website. They’re designed so you don’t have to know anything about HTML or CSS to use them!

There are many website builders, some are designed for blog, some for eCommerce, etc.

Two examples of great site builders that we love here at Bluehost are WordPress and Weebly.

Two examples of great site builders that we love here at Bluehost are WordPress and Weebly. AKMDIGITAL.COM
Two examples of great site builders that we love here at Bluehost are WordPress and Weebly.

4. 99.9% Bluehost Uptime

A very important concern of many beginners What is uptime and downtime of a hosting?

Before answer, have a look at this

One bitter truth is not all Uptime Guarantees are Equal

Most hosting companies offer some degree of guaranteed uptime as part of their hosting package as a trick to potential customers. Whether or not you guys trust that guarantee, and use it to choose your web host for hosting your website.

Largest Downtime Cases

This big company’s Twitter or Facebook goes down, it impacts millions of users. Although your site may not be at that scale (yet!), there are always lessons to be learned from downtime cases that appear in the press.

WhatsAppAn internal issueSeveral hours2017
UK’s National Health ServiceWannaCry ransomware4 days2017
StarbucksOvernight technology updateHalf a day2017
Amazon AWS CloudHuman error4+ hours2017
ASOSPower outage20 hours2016
PokemonGoUnexpected demandLaunch weekend2016
  • Minneapolis – First Visit 2.1 sec – Repeat Visit 1.8 sec
  • New York – First Visit 2.4 sec – Repeat Visit 1.8 sec
  • London – First Visit 3.1 sec – Repeat Visit 2.8 sec
  • San Francisco – First Visit 2.6 sec – Repeat Visit 2.1 sec
  • Miami – First Visit 2.1 sec – Repeat Visit 2.6 sec
  • Hong Kong – First Visit 5.0 sec – Repeat Visit 3.1 sec
  • Montreal – First Visit 2.1 sec – Repeat Visit 2.3 sec
  • Frankfurt – First Visit 3.8 sec – Repeat Visit 2.5 sec

Uptime is the proportion of time that your site is online

Your Service Level Agreement (SLA) will specify exactly what the reported server uptime guarantee specifies.

As a Bluehost user, We’re happy to tell you that Bluehost does indeed offer very high website uptime. Average Bluehost uptime ends up hovering around 99.9%. And this is even for their lower-level shared hosting plans. You can also expect plans like cloud hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers to be nearly 100%. In this hosting, you will never see the issue of downtime.

5. Best Caching Feature

One of the best features of Bluehost is the inbuilt caching feature. When you buy the Bluehost hosting, you don’t need to use any 3rd party caching plugin like WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache. Depending on the kind of website that you are building, you can configure the level of caching. I like this feature in this Hosting.

6. Fast Server Speeds

I can’t say it is the fastest web hosts in the club of Webhosting provider But, it’s loading speeds will be sufficient for most website owners. The speeds will also vary depending on the type of hosting you end up going with.

For example, shared hosting will generally be the slowest hosting packages in many hosting providers, but still, their speeds are competitive. While, going with plans like VPS or a dedicated will deliver even faster loading times, as you have greater server resources dedicated to your site.

There are also bundled tools which can help to improve loading speeds, even more, example Cloudflare.

7. Free Domain For Beginners

If you buy the hosting for the first time from the Bluehost as a part of their hosting plan, you will get a free domain name for the first year. One additional benefits of choosing the Bluehost is, for those looking to boost their business marketing, they offer advertising credits on Google’s AdWords, Bing, etc

Free Domain For Beginners bluehost -

8. Bluehost Security

While using the Bluehost hosting since 2018, I am pretty much sure that the only area where you guys can’t complain about anything is its Security of Bluehost.
Even in the shared hosting plans, they are serious about the security of the website. Their security-related features are best.

SpamAssassin, Spam Hammer, and Spam Experts are three effective anti-spam tools you can use from email spamming.

Bluehost also provides hotlink protection to prevent someone from stealing or otherwise using your hosted images and draining your Hosting Bandwidth.
If you find the guy, you can block the specific IPs that harming your site. They offer good protection for your website too. They provide secure shell access (SSH) so you guys can access config files securely.

If you are concerned about your security, there is two-factor authentication (2FA) setup. With this, if anyone is trying to login to your Bluehost dashboard you will get the notification. So it has been an additional peace for mind.
Account Token Validation feature also add additional security to your account

9. Easy for WordPress User

As a WordPress user, Bluehost is a good option for you, if you are planning for building a website on WordPress. Its new Bluerock platform is a WordPress focused control panel offering an integrated experience with WordPress websites.
Installing WordPress is very easy
The 1-click automatic WordPress installation process or you can get WordPress installed on account set up when you sign up.

10. Bluehost Offers Daily Backups

It is extremely important to have your website backed up regularly. The website backup means that you can have a similar copy of your content and data with you of running a website.
If something went wrong while updating the theme or plugin on your website, and you have no idea what to do now. So simply all you have to do is restore your website from a previous version, instead of having to re-create everything from scratch.

That’s why having automated backups is such a blessing for a beginner’s blogger or a web developer.
But there are some limitations to this basic backup plan. If you are serious about your website then I’ll prefer you to upgrade the plan or use third-party backup Software or Plugin – updraft

Here’s how to create backups of your files:

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Scroll down to the ‘Files’ section and click the ‘Site Backup & Restore’ icon.
  3. Select ‘Full cPanel Backup’.
  4. Select the starting date from when you want to create a backup.
  5. Select an archive type (.tar or .zip).
  6. Download and save the file.

11. Good Customer Service

Good Customer Service – Bluehost AKMDIGITAL.COM
Good Customer Service – Bluehost AKMDIGITAL.COM

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. What makes any hosting best – my answer is Customer Serving.
If you stuck in anything then its time to access the feature of customer support.
You can not judge customer support of any company by just reading the review on a website.
It’s your personal experience, you never know you are dealing with a true expert on the entire team, or if you’re dealing with a rookie who was simply having a really bad day.
In addition to that, they also provide live Chat support, calling support, and Social media support.
Their extensive support library is filled with many questions and detailed walkthroughs to help fix common issues you’ll run into.

12. Money-Back Guarantee 30-Day

If you are concerned about your money, Bluehost offers a pretty generous money-back guarantee. It’s not as long as other hosting guarantees, like 45-days, or 60-days. But, it’s a no questions asked guarantee.

As long as you cancel the services within the 30-day refund you’ll get a full refund.

Cons of Bluehost

Whenever the thing has so many pros then definitely they aren’t perfect it as cons too. Bluehost has so many useful features and provide high-quality hosting at an affordable price.
So the first con is

1. There is no free site Migration

It’s a big problem with this hosting i.e there is no free site Migration. In a club of Hosting providers in the market almost all of them provide this free migration without any cost.

If you’re migrating then you’ll have to pay the cost for migration. Currently, you’ll have to pay $149.99 to migrate up to 5 websites and 20 email accounts.
All this technical work is done by the Bluehost expert without any interruption. So you don’t have to worry about anything. As it is a service you’ll have to pay for this. But most of the hosting provider provides this service for free.

2. Increase in Renewal Price

Unlike most of the companies, you’ll see a price jump when your renewal the services.
Keep one thing in mind that you have to pay more while renewing the services, it’s not the same as of introductory price.
Most of the hosting companies use these strategies to secure the customer, then after a year, they charge the original rates.

3. Constant Upsells Pitches

Their system is packed with continuous upsell pitches, which gets annoying.

4. Storage Issue – Unlimited Hosting Is Limited

It’s a selling tactic when you are buying the hosting it shows the unlimited hosting but in real sense it is limited. If you are building the website for the first time then it won’t run into these limits. But you should now there is a limitation in the resource.
If you crossed the Database limit or any other resources, then your account might get deleted or slow loading speed that affects your site performance. There are arbitrary limits placed on the accounts when you crossed that limit or consume the large proportion of server resource storage, then its time to upgrade your plan.

5. Windows and Is not there

If you have an idea of this or not then let me know you guys that Bluehost is a Linux server. I know its not a big problem for many of you but its a cons of Bluehost. Because of this many windows and developers have no support for there sites in order to work properly.
So for those communities, you have to look at another hosting service provider to host their files.

6. Addition cost on Upgrades and Add-on

If you are thinking to do things like server upgrades, security upgrades, and more then expect to pay a much higher monthly fee.
It’s almost as if they don’t have any extra functionality on their internal platform. You’ll find yourself hunting for add-ons to do many things that other hosts allow standard.

It’s an extra step that complicates the process when Bluehost probably could have integrated their own solution easily. Instead, they’ve farmed out even basic stuff to Google Apps and the like.​

So with so many features, it has cons too neither less it a fact.

In my opinion, Bluehost isn’t that much great hosting but then also it’s good for a medium range of customers. One of the best parts is they offer a variety of hosting packages, for every kind of user.

So finally if you asked me is Bluehost service is good or bad?

In my opinion, it depends on the user’s need, what they want, for some users there would be no cons and for some users, there are plenty of disadvantages. This is either an advantage or disadvantage depending on the type of site you’re building.
I think this gives you a clear idea about your questions.

Bluehost Review 2021 – A Complete Guide

Bluehost Review 2021 - A Complete Guide  AKMDIGITAL.COM
Bluehost Review 2021 – A Complete Guide AKMDIGITAL.COM

After this Comprasive guide on Bluehost Review, What is Bluehost, Hosting overview, What makes the Bluehost stand out in the club of hosting providers or Is Bluehost is a reliable hosting for bloggers in 2021?, Pros and cons of Bluehost.

Now I think you have a clear idea,  what to know before buying the hosting for your website.

If you are looking for low price hosting or basic shared hosting.
Then Bluehost is a perfect fit for you.
Shared hosting is mostly used by many small business owners and the beginners who put there step in the digital world.

If you are a big company and you are getting tons of traffic. Then it’s a time to shift to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is costly.

VPS Hosting is for those who can’t afford the dedicated hosting.

Have a quick look at this Bluehost Hosting Plans

The cheapest plan in Bluehost is shared hosting $3.95/month but if you buy from our link you’ll get a discount of 1$. Then you can buy it for 2.95$/month only. Then renewal cost is 7.99$/month. The most expensive services in Bluehost is dedicated hosting which stars at 79.99$/month.

Get the quick pricing overview on 6 types of hosting in Bluehost here:-

Shared Hosting: $2.95 per month, renews at $7.99 per month

Shared WordPress Hosting: $2.95 per month, renews at $7.99 per month

WooCommerce Hosting: $6.95 per month, renews at $13.99 per month

VPS Hosting: $18.99 per month, renews at $29.99 per month

Managed WordPress Hosting: $19.95 per month, renews at $29.99 per month

Dedicated Hosting: $79.99 per month, renews at $119.99 per month


Disk space50 GBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email accounts5UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Email storage100 MB / accountUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
ExtrasFree domain. Free website builder.Free domain. Free website builder. 1 SpamExperts.Free domain. Free website builder. 1 SpamExperts. 1 Domain Privacy. 1 SiteBackup Pro.Free domain. Free website builder. 2 SpamExperts. 1 Domain Privacy. 1 SiteBackup Pro. Dedicated IP. Domain Privacy.
Regular Price$7.99/mo$10.99/mo$14.99/mo$23.99/mo
Discounted Price$2.75/mo$4.95/mo$5.45/mo$13.95/mo


VPS Hosting

If you are thinking what is VPS Hosting?
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, in VPS hosting you’ll get a dedicated server so that you can maintain your website files and data.
As it is a dedicated server, your site loads faster even if your website is visited by thousands of visiter at once.

Standard: $19.99 your first month, up to $29.99 after that
Enhanced: $29.99 your first month, up to $59.99 after that
Ultimate: $59.99 your first month, up to $119.99 after that

Click here to get Bluehost VPS (just $18.99/month)

Features of Bluehost VPS Hosting

  1. Bluehost VPS handles up to 100 million visits per month
  2. Storage is 30 GB
  3. Backup is 30 GB
  4. RAM is 2 GB
  5. You can manage up to 5 sites
  6. Any time money-back guarantee
  7. 24/7 support (through email, chat and phone)
  8. Enhanced cPanel to easily manage your sites
  9. SiteLock CDN to boost your site loading times

Click this special link to grab Bluehost VPS (just $18.99/month)

VPS Bluehost Hosting Plan Feature

  • Standard VPS plan

Standard VPS plan is especially suitable for beginners and entry-level websites.

  1. Free SSL
  2. 2 Cores
  3. 30 GB SSD Storage
  4. 2 GB RAM
  5. 1 TB Bandwidth
  6. 1 Free domain name
  7. 1 IP Addresses
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee
  9. 24/7 customer support
  • Enhanced VPS plan

Enhanced VPS plan is suitable for eCommerce sites and small businesses with a limited budget.

  1. Free SSL
  2. 2 Cores
  3. 60 GB SSD Storage
  4. 4 GB RAM
  5. 2 TB Bandwidth
  6. 1 Free domain name
  7. 2 IP Addresses
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee
  9. 24/7 customer support
  • Ultimate VPS Plan

Ultimate VPS Plan is suitable for agencies, eCommerce sites and heavy traffic websites.

  1. Free SSL
  2. 4 Cores
  3. 120 GB SSD Storage
  4. 8 GB RAM
  5. 3 TB Bandwidth
  6. 1 Free domain name
  7. 2 IP Addresses
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee
  9. 24/7 customer support

VPS hosting can be considered as a great hosting option between shared hosting and dedicated hosting

Click this special link to grab Bluehost VPS (just $18.99/month)

Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting

Pricenormally $149.99 first month $74.99normally $199.99 first month $99.99normally $249.99 first month $124.99
Speed2×23 GHz 4×25 GHz CPU4×25 GHz CPU4×33 GHz CPU
Storage500 GB 1TB (Mirrored)1TB (Mirrored)1TB (Mirrored)
RAM4GB Available8GB Available16GB Available
Included Domains111
IP Addresses345
PromiseMoney-back GuaranteeMoney-back GuaranteeMoney-back Guarantee

If you are thinking what is Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting?

Dedicated hosting, Dedicated Hosting Service is a website hosting environment that provides the highest level of resource allocation, privacy, and control.
In Dedicated hosting, the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.

Pros of Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting:-

  1. Servers are created and maintained in-house
  2. Extreme speed
  3. Multi-server management
  4. Enhanced Cpanel based interface
  5. 24/7 premium customer support
  6. 30-day money-back guarantee

Cons Bluehost Dedicated Server Hosting:-

  1. No SSL Certificate
  2. Free migration is not available

Bluehost’s dedicated hosting plans are among the cheapest of all Hosting providers.

Get the special link and avail the offer.


The support team are really amazing; they are professional and solve my hosting issues very quickly. Highly recommended for hosting provider!

DB McNicol
I’ve been using BlueHost since last June, based upon

1) the recommendation here,

2) the ability to lock in 3 years at a low rate, and

3) the reasonable monthly fees after that.

As a new WP user, I had a big learning curve initially. Several chats with support on various issues and they were all resolved quickly. I haven’t had to contact them in over six months.

I’ve had one major (reported) and one minor (back up before I could worry about it) outage. Performance has always been good. I currently have 4 live sites with them, oops, no, 5, and all with email. No issues.

Bluehost made it very simple for me to migrate my existing WordPress website with their beautifully designed interface and tooling.
Moreover, the speed of the site has improved drastically.
Well done

We run multiple sites and use a competitor for one of the sites where we have no option (decision made by the board of directors) so I can confidently say that Bluehost far supersedes its competitors and provides a better value for web hosting and associated services.

I’m from the USA and I use Bluehost because it’s easy to use and affordable, There are plenty of exciting features and extras included at every price point, and the diversity of plans provides a lot of flexibility for every budget Bluehost is literally one of the top few that I would recommend to anyone and everyone.

With some negative feedback, we can’t judge the Bluehost.
In spite of a few negative reviews, it has so many positive reviews too.


I think this review (Bluehost Review 2021: A Complete Guide) will give you a clear idea on Is Bluehost the right choice for you?

I truly believe that Bluehost is one of the best E-Commerce and WordPress website hostings available in the market. Bluehost is ranked first – my many big websites. And most important is it is recommended by itself.
They offer all types of hosting, plenty of exciting features, service, and 24/7 good Customer support. Bluehost shared hosting plan is like a boon for Beginner and fit for your pocket.
I would recommend Bluehost to everyone. If you’re looking for a web host with a solid feature with 20 years of reputation, then look no further than Bluehost.

Bluehost Coupon
AKMDIGITAL has a special 60% discount offer for you, with a free domain.

More Information

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In the upcoming Content, we will come up with a different Hosting Review in 2021.

Stay tuned to Akmdigital for all more digital updates.

Hoping for amazing Digital Journey ahead.

Thank you.

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Bluehost, and I get a commission when you click a link and purchase hosting. That’s how I maintain this website. It doesn’t cost you anything. In fact, I guarantee you get the best price when you use my link.