AmbitionHost is a Web Hosting and Best Domain Registration Company in India founded in 2018. It has a large number of happy clients.

It has the best Shared Hosting, Premium Hosting, and VPS Hosting with 3 packages in every plan in the hosting market 2021.

AmbitionHost Hosting Review
Ambition Host Hosting

AmbitionHost Hosting Review

AmbitionHost has the fastest lightspeed + LS cache servers, with Imunify 360 security. Which helps users to hosts their data at ultra-high speed with high standard security.

Features of Ambition Host servers –

1. Lightspeed+ LS Cache enabled.
2. Free SSL Certificate.
3. Imunify 360 protected.
4. MultiPHP Manager.
5. Free Cpanel (Control Panel).
6. SSD Storages.
7. Free Business Emails (Webmail).

Along with great hosting servers, Ambition host provides cheap domain registrations with the cheapest renewal pricing guarantee. You can also transfer your current domain to ambition host for cheap pricing and the best services.

AmbitionHost has a huge team for their customer support. So that every client gets fast and a great supported by them. It also has a 30 days money-back guarantee. If you don’t like their service then you will get a 100% refund of your payment.

Server Uptime

It’s very necessary to keep your website always live.

Ambitionhost offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee for always making your site live.

It is only possible because of their great servers. If your site gets down then you may lose your SEO ranking and indirectly your online earning.

So it is very necessary to have a great server uptime.

Server Speed

It’s a fact that all hostings services provide low-speed servers to their users and don’t give value for money.

But in AmbitionHost the server’s speeds are ultrafast because of their lightspeed setup, pure high-speed NVMe SSD storage, Imunify360 security, LS Cache enabled, etc. Overall they have great server speeds.

cPanel (Control Panel)

Control Panel (cPanel) of Ambition Host contains all features for their users such as free SSL installation, webmail (for free business emails), multi PHP manager, Softaculous for WordPress installation, file manager, Cpanel backups, sub-domains, add-on domains.

About their Shared Hosting Plans –

Shared Hosting – These are Medium-performance web hosting based on NVMe SSD Server with LiteSpeed WebServer.

Recommended for beginners & small business sites.

In Shared Hosting Ambition Host Contains 3 Packages

Shared Hosting in Ambition Host
Shared Hosting in Ambition Host
  • Basic Plan – In a shared basic plan you can host your 1 website with 5GB of SSD storage. It is based on Cloudlinux OS with a lightspeed webserver. It is good for beginners if you just starting your basic blog the first time. The pricing of this plan is ₹75 monthly.
  • Plus Plan – In this plan you can host up to 5 sites with 20GB of NVMe SSD storage. It contains unlimited bandwidth usage with node.js application enabled. The pricing of this plan is ₹175 monthly.
  • Pro Plan – In this plan, you can host your unlimited websites, with unlimited SSD storage & unlimited bandwidth. It is secured with Imunify360 security. The pricing of this plan is ₹275 monthly.

Premium Hosting

Premium Hosting – Ambition host premium hosting plans are there most selling plans that offer easy management and access to fast speed hosting with High Resources to handle more Real-Time users on your website. These hosting plans will give you high performance at an affordable cost.

Premium Hosting - Ambition host
Premium Hosting – Ambition host

1. Power Plan – In this plan, you can host your one website with 1 CPU core and 2 GB of physical memory usage. It is iImunify360 secured and has a free Cpanel with it. The pricing of this plan is ₹99 monthly.

2. Premier Plan – In this plan, you can host your 5 websites with 10GB of SSD storage and 3GB of physical memory usage. This plan is the most selling plan of Ambition Host because of its fast LS Cache-enabled lightspeed server. The pricing of this plan is ₹249 monthly.

3. Advanced Plan – In this Plan, you can host your 25 websites with 4GB of physical memory usage. It contains 50 GB of NVMe SSD storage with free Cloudflare & Imunify360 security. The pricing of this plan is ₹499 monthly.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting – Virtual private server hosting is built on RAID10 storage systems made up of blazing-fast Enterprise Solid State Drives. These are best for sites that have millions of traffic, have downloaded content, and consume high bandwidth.

About Support Team at AmbitionHost-

AmbitionHost Customer Support
AmbitionHost Customer Support

Ambition Host has a large number of award-winning support executive teams for providing the best and fast support to their customers. Because support is the only thing that makes a company image good in the cut-throat market.

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My Opinion on AmbitionHost Hosting –

In my opinion, AmbitionHost has a great support team with the best hosting servers at a cheap price.

All plans of AmbitionHost have their own value and every plan offers value for money thing which is great for a company.

So, it’s a good opportunity for you to host your website or blog on the internet now and take your business online.

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